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Missions Teams

Come Help Us Engage the Community with the Gospel

Interested Christian volunteers, school groups, church groups, and youth groups are encouraged to plan a mission trip with Redemption Church in Jacksonville, FL. Located at 2000 Lane Ave S, Jax, FL, Redemption Church is uniquely placed in a diverse neighborhood with physical and spiritual needs. Within 1 mile of our church, about 40% of the households make less than $35K / yr. Moreover,
many people are thirsty for the gospel.


How Can I Help?

You can help by being willing to plan, to give, and to serve. Maybe it’s a small team for a day, or a large team for a week. We will find a good way for you to serve!

What Kinds of Work Do Mission Teams Do?

Teams help with a variety of projects tailored to both the gifting of the team, and the needs at the time the team arrives. Examples include:

Food Pantry Pray, preparing meals and praying with families
Kids Outreach, help us host a fun day for children
Maintenance or Construction, get to work at the church
Prayer Walking, spend time praying and inviting

Where Can We Stay?

We are a local church here in Jacksonville, FL, so many teams plan a project that begins and ends the same day. For longer projects, we have a mission hut with bathrooms and showers that houses up to 16 volunteers and can be reserved for mission teams.

How Much Does a Trip Cost?

It depends. For a one-day trip, the cost may be minimal. For instance, a food pantry can be hosted for about $200 total if a team collects canned goods beforehand, and provides a nice meal for the community. Longer trips may cost more. We do ask for a small donation for those using the mission house of $150/night per team.

Does the Church Have Facilities Our Team Can Use?

God has graced us with numerous facilities including a large fellowship hall, a mission hut to host teams, a courtyard with playground equipment, and a much-used basketball goal. Generally, the facilities are available for mission teams to use when available.

I’m interested. What’s Next?

Go to our website and fill out the interest form. It’s helpful if you know approximately when you’d like to come and how many will be coming. For instance, are you hoping for 5-10 people for one day or 30-40 people for a week? We will then connect you with one of our pastors to walk with you each step from planning, to execution, to follow-up.

Is There Any Training I Should Do to Prepare?

Yes. For any mission trip, please pray! Please ask friends and family members to pray. Ask Jesus to prepare specific people for you to minister to, and to give you courage to love well. The best mission teams come prepared to pray and to share the gospel.

Can We Do a Fundraiser?

Absolutely! We can target specific needs in the community. For instance, the local early learning center (Hyde Grove) may need winter coats for kids who don’t have one. Maybe your church could help raise money for coats, or some other need and then take them to the school?

We make much of Jesus as a family of believers whom the community cannot ignore. To partner with us,
visit our website or call us at 904-781-7574.

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