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The Hydeout

Redemption Kids

The Hyde Out is a Christ-centered, fun, and energetic place for kids to learn how to love God, love His church and love people. Kids from first grade through fifth grade gather each week to learn God’s word, sing songs in worship, and build godly relationships with other young sisters and brothers in Christ. Our Sunday and Wednesday night programs are packed full with engaging curriculum and purposeful activities. We have a music and worship time, a video lesson, honest and thoughtful discussion, exciting games, and engaging Bible trivia. Our Hyde Out kids learn to show love and respect to all children who enter.

As we walk through our lessons, kids learn key stories from each of the Bible’s 66 books. They also learn to praise God in song and hide His word in their hearts by memorizing Scripture verses. Our leaders have a deep desire to see a redemption story start in the heart of each child we meet. The gospel is presented regularly and kids are taught the truth of God’s plan of salvation and Jesus’ love and open invitation to every heart. We can’t wait to meet your child and introduce them to our Savior!

Hyde Out Gatherings:

Every Wednesday night at 6 p.m.



Redemption Students

Students Pursuing A Righteous King

Students have never faced as many challenges emotionally, physically, or spiritually as they have now. The teenage years are a difficult time to navigate for all youth. They are looking for a place to find love, hope, and peace. All of these can be found in a relationship with Jesus. To that aim, Spark Student Ministry exists to lead students into a growing relationship with Christ so they can know the joy and purpose God has for them.

Every Wednesday night students from 6th-12th grade gather at 6pm in the Youth “Hut”, or dedicated youth building. Each week they have an interactive teaching time followed up by small discussion. We even throw Live music, games, and other special activities into the mix sometime. No matter the night, your student will have a great time at Redemption Students.


Sunday Morning

Bible Study Groups

BSG’s (as we call them) are designed to provide a Sunday Morning opportunity for everyone to gather in guided discussions over the Biblical text from the previous week’s sermon. BSG’s provide encouragement to further understand the sermon’s propositional challenge and to make that challenge applicable and livable in everyday life.

Wednesday Night

Community Groups

Community Groups provide the format for Redemption Church’s Wednesday evening ministry. Designed to be practical, community groups equip believers to live out God’s call and purpose for each of their lives. We meet on Wednesdays at 6pm.